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Shelby strong; will easily win again

Inside the Statehouse

In 1986 Richard Shelby was a 50-year-old congressman from Tuscaloosa. He was elected to congress eight years earlier, after two successful four-year terms in the Alabama State Senate. However, Shelby was ready to move up again. More...

Prickly thistle valued by Scots

Through the Past

What could possibly tie together the prickly purple thistle, Scotland, and the lyrics of a song found in the many papers that survived the man-Edward Bedsole, my great-great-grandfather? More...

Political Cartoon

Full Story

Like, cool, Maynard

Gone South

The other day I listened to a lively verbal exchange between my daughter and some of her friends. In roughly five minutes of uninterrupted teenage chitchat it struck me that one word was spoken more than any other. More...

Watch for telemarketing scams

Dollars & Cents

From time to time, most of us are interrupted by calls from pesky telemarketers, usually at inopportune times. More...

A few good reads (other than the Bible)

One Degree to Another

A constant struggle for those of us who like to read is making time to read more and remembering what we have read. Trevin Wax offers some suggestions in this post which should lead to more and more effective reading. More...