2006-03-09 / Obituaries

Cards of Thanks & Memoriams

We would like to thank each of you who has been here to comfort us in any way during the death of our mothers, Winnie Smith and Irene Gaddy. If you sent a card, a prayer, food or came to be with us, we will be forever grateful. We say bless your hearts for your kindness and we appreciate everything.

Lloyd and Catherine Gaddy

We would like to thank each and everyone for the many prayers, cards, food, flowers and memorials that have been sent to show us you care.

A special thanks to Dr. Ralph D. Neal Jr., Debbie Thomas and the Asera Care Hospice staffs.

The family of Essie Lee Dunagan

In Loving Memory

Of our dear loved one

Ronnie Lee Arnold

Who departed this life 5 years ago - March 10, 2001

Not a day passes by

We don't miss him

and speak of him.

He is free now.

Thank God for giving

Us memories to hold on to.

"Great Memories."

Sadly Missed and ever loving.

The Arnolds

James, Catherine, Lillie, Lora, Alex, Bennie, Lisa

Wife, Deloris, nieces, nephews and other relatives


A Thank You Note: Foremost, I want to thank God for my 90 years, of a healthy, happy and useful life. I have truly been blessed. Secondly, I thank my children, friends and relatives for preparing for and making my 90th birthday celebration so very special.

Many thanks to those who were able to be present. Also thanks for all the gifts, cards, visits and any other form of recognition given me. A special thanks to the office of our Governor, The Honorable Bob Riley. I will treasure the memories of all this for the rest of my life.

May I end this thank you note to all of you with words of Henry Van Dyke concerning Age. "I shall grow old, but never lose life's zest, because the road's last turn will be the best."

Golden D. Shepherd


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