July 13, 2006 RSS feed / Lifestyle

Through The Past

Long ago carved initials represent White family

Carved on a beech tree lately? What a thrill to walk through the woods and find initials carved into the bark of trees. Beech seem to be the best trees, at least in the woods around Chilton, for carving dates and initials. More...

Gardening With Dora

You can't plant pink and blue hydrangeas only

When you are planting hydrangeas there is no reason to stop with the big blue or pink mopheads. More...

Memories & Recipes

Did you ever catch doodle bugs with broomstraw as a youngster?

This week I received an e-mail from G.G. Atchley, a reader originally from up north. She told me of the times her dad received sweet peace from his seven children by sending them out to catch birds with a box of salt in their hands. More...