2008-05-08 / Obituaries


In Loving Memory of Bobby Glover May 8, 2007 Yes, the one we loved has passed beyond our present sight. And the world we know is without his radiant light. We think of the joy he left behind, of his cheerful smile, and laughter. We think of his kind words and deeds that will live forever after. Think of all these wonderful things and even though he's gone, within our heart and memory our loved one will still live on. Sadly missed by wife Jean, Daughter, Donna, grandsons, Great-grandchildren and friends. Robert (Bobby) Glover (Nov 17, 1929 - May 8, 2007) Although you were always in my life it seems that it was such a short period of time. Your caring, kind demeanor was clearly not a choice. Many saw it as a sign of weakness; I saw it as a sign of rejoice. You lived your life to the fullest, though many would disagree. You loved with all your heart, giving to all including me. Who were they to judge you and tell you how you're "supposed to be." A man so full of wisdom; a man so willing to agree. Avoiding confrontation was one of your mottos in this life. Being passive and forgiving, always giving in to winless fights. I'm so proud of you for not allowing them to change the man you were. Though the time spent alone without you doesn't seem to be fair. I know you're watching over us and finally in a peaceful place. But I can't help miss my father who has left me without a trace. So many take for granted the wonderful people who enter their lives. I will embrace our memories forever, continuing to honor and strive. My loyalty will remain to you as will my heart and devotion as well. But not to those who choose to dishonor you with their thoughtless farewells. A bouquet of beautiful memories, sprayed with a million tears. I wish God could have spared you if just for a few more years. Sadly missed by daughter Donna Blankenship

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