2009-04-16 / Obituaries

Card of Thanks

Thank you With deepest gratitude we extend our most sincere thanks to all who expressed their sympathy in so many different ways.

The family of Jeanette R. White In Memory of Clarence Cheeseboro Why Did It Have To Be You? I still sit and wonder WHY Why it had to be this way; Why it had to be YOU? And no matter how real it all may seem I still can't accept the fact that you are gone. I still can't get it. Where did you go wrong? You hung in there for years. You fought for what most don't have to Fight for - "for LIFE." But still .... It slipped through your fingers How and Why it did, I cannot tell But that which is known is this You didn't lose the battle You didn't give up till the very last. Life without you hurts. How can I hold back my tears when I Can't help but think of you. How can I forget and move on without looking back at all I've lost. All I have so far in life doesn't sum up this one loss. I LOST U I LOST U How in the world do you want me to accept that? From: Angie, Clarence, Lillie, (children), Zipper (wife), and sisters and brothers. Happy Birthday April 12

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