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Hybrid hopes

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The announcement last week of a $6.5 billion “green-vehicle” manufacturing plant for north Baldwin County could be big. Or it could be a bust. More...

How to bring joy to Alabama

Gone South

A while back my buddy Gary, down in the Tampa-St. Pete area, sent me a clipping from the Tampa Tribune in August 1909 - yes, he is a historian, and a good one. More...

What if DeGraffenreid had lived?

Inside the Statehouse

If race was a major issue in 1958, being the racist candidate in 1962 was the only way to be elected governor.   More...


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Pogo was right

Editor’s Notes

Grove Hill has its problems. No one knows it better than the people who live here. Sadly, no one articulates them better than those who live here.   A number of circumstances have combined to box us in and limit us. More...