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Floyd withdraws coaching resignation

CCHS coach said he was "ill-advised" but wants to stay on
By Jim Cox Editor & Publisher

Clarke County High School Coach Allan Floyd withdrew his resignation prior to the Clarke County Board of Education meeting Thursday afternoon, Nov. 19, and said he would contest the recommendation to terminate his coaching and athletic director duties by CCHS Principal Debra Dennis.

Floyd said after the meeting that he thought he had been unduly terminated from his coaching duties but he had submitted a letter of resignation because he had been advised to do so. He said after the meeting that he was under the impression that he had no choice but to offer a resignation or be terminated and it was his impression that the board could reject his resignation.

However, he said he was “ill advised” and he withdrew the resignation because he wished to remain as coach.

Several citizens were at the meeting in support of Floyd and the Rev. Jack Wright spoke for them in requesting that Floyd’s coaching duties not be terminated. Petitions were presented to the school board containing several hundred signatures in support of his staying.

The termination issue involved only Floyd’s coaching duties and not his status as a history teacher at CCHS.

At the beginning of the meeting, the board removed a personnel item from the agenda involving an employee’s contract. It was not publicized until after the meeting that the contract in question was Floyd’s and that it was removed from the agenda because he had withdrawn his resignation letter.

School Board President Barry Chancey explained after the meeting that Floyd’s decision meant the board had nothing to act on regarding a resignation.

Still, the way the process works is for a principal to make a recommendation to the superintendent regarding an employee and the superintendent in turn to make a recommendation to the board which can either accept the recommendation or not act on it.

Superintendent Woodie Pugh sat silent through Floyd’s and others’ comments Thursday. Principal Dennis was not at the meeting.

Given the principal’s and superintendent’s feelings on the matter, it could come up again at the next school board meeting on Dec. 17.

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