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Are symbols and greeting phrases the real meaning of Christmas?

The other day someone asked me, “Have you heard Obama outlawed having a nativity scene at the White House?” The person had heard it at church, from the preacher no less who “keeps up with that kind of stuff.”     More...

Letter to the Editor

School board’s ‘Good Ol’ Boys Club’

Dear Editor,   More...

Making Christmas real

Albert Einstein is my hero. He was a revolutionary thinker who changed our world. He said reality is an illusion. More...

Our Opinions

School officials owe citizens explanation

A public explanation or a reason for Coach Allan Floyd’s removal as football coach and athletic director at Clarke County High School might not have satisfied his supporters but it would have gone a long way toward heading off the controversy More...

Gone South

A little less stress this year

Christmas is always a stressful time of year, a time when things get so complicated that, to quote my Aunt Anne, Daddy’s 88 year old baby sister, “I just want to run off into the woods with my dress over my head.”     Ig More...

Inside the Statehouse

Riley’s easy second win

When Bob Riley took office in January of 2003 he had just survived one of the most bruising gubernatorial elections in history. More...