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Beer sales start in Grove Hill

Fast Track begins sales Saturday, Jan. 9
By Jim Cox, Editor & Publisher

 Some people will be happy and some won’t and the rest will be just plain curious. Legalized beer sales started in Grove Hill Saturday. The Fast Track convenience store was the first to stock beer and to make the first sales.

The Miller distributor out of Selma is servicing Grove Hill and a panel truck delivered Miller, Coors, Samuel Adams, Corona, Heineken, Schlitz, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Smirnoff Ice and other brands around 2 p.m.

Budweiser and other brands are to be delivered Monday.

The first sale was made shortly afterwards to a middle-aged Grove Hill man who asked that he not be identified.

Fast Track owner Chris Bumpers said even though the outside temperature is only around freezing he turned his coolers down to the low 30s. “We are going to have the coldest beer in town,” he said.

Grove Hill voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of alcoholic beverages in a November referendum.

The Grove Hill Town Council adopted an ordinance and the first licenses were approved last week, including Fast Track’s.

Other first licensees include Jr. Mart, Greer’s and Kylia’s Package Store although none of them have started sales yet.

Bumpers said that his sales clerks will abide by all alcohol laws and unless you are wrinkled and gray, you may be asked for identification and proof of age. 

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