2010-08-19 / Obituaries

Card of Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of The Jackson Nursing Home and the Physical Therapy department for their kindness and excellent care from July 6th until August 4th discharge while George was there for rehab on a knee injury post the surgical removal of a kidney at UAB in Birmingham, AL.

The George Ricketts Family

The Ricketts family wishes to once again give thanks to many people that responded immediately to the 911 call on the morning of August 6th when George had his sudden and acute heart attack. A very special mention to the following: The crew members of ASAP, Jonathan Lewis and Charles Roberts for their prompt arrival, expert care and rapid departure to Grove Hill Memorial Hospital. To Dr. Neal and Kevin Johnson, P.A. whose trauma care was superb, the ER personnel whose excellent care and compassion will long be remembered. To Dot Robinson whose care and help only made us love her more as our families have long been associated. To the Life Flight crew whose rapid arrival and departure meant the difference between life and death.

Many thanks to the appearance of my neighbors whose faces wore expressions of care and concern and most of all, thank you God of extending your hand and love to us all that morning.

George Ricketts and Family

We would like to thank everyone who phoned, visited, brought food, prayed, or helped in some other way after the 7/15/2010, wreck involving Stacey, Courtney, and Kiley.

Special thanks to everyone who helped at the scene. We were blessed to have an EMT, RN, and friends from our area helping on the scene.

Please continue praying everyone involved will have a complete and speedy recovery.

Sincerely, Stacey, Sandy, Katelyn, Courtney, & Kiley Dunagan

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