2011-03-24 / Front Page


The Clarke County Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to close Coffeeville Elementary and High School at the end of this school year and to move students there to schools in either Jackson or Grove Hill at the beginning of the new school year in August.

Superintendent of Education Woodie Pugh made the recommendation without additional comment and board member Clinton Hawkins made the motion and was seconded by T. L. Douglas. They voted for the closing along with board members Charlie Anderson, Barry Chancey and Marty Parker.

There were about 50 people from Coffeeville at the 11 a.m. meeting, at Wilson Hall Middle School in Grove Hill, and they were upset by the action.

Coffeeville Mayor Robert Cox said, “We don’t agree with it [the closing] and I will go to my grave fighting for that school out there.”

Dr. Edwina Hart of Coffeeville told the board, “What we will have to do is start our own school. We will bless you all [the school board] and go on about our business.”

See more details on the meetings in next week’s newspapers.


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