2011-07-14 / Obituaries


Words can not express my many gratitudes of thanks for all the ones who have shown acts of kindness for me during and after my surgery. God bless you all.

Pat Hudson

The family of Alpha Mae Bozeman would like to thank everyone who has touched our lives in the last few weeks during the illness and death of our mother. We appreciated Dr. Neal, Dr. Hubbs, and the staff of the Grove Hill Memorial Hospital who took such good care of her. A special thanks to Amstar Ambulance workers for their services.

If you called, visited, prayed, sent food or flowers, we could never thank you enough. Your kind words and cards have meant so much to us. God has blessed us in so many ways by all the kindnesses that have been shown. We just hope we can return the love to you by the lives we live.

Mama had touched so many people’s lives and had so many friends, we just hope we can always be the kind of people she wanted us to be. Please keep us in your prayers.

Bobby Joe Hicks

Bobby and Sharon Smith and Family

Tommy and Adra Dungan and Family

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