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Irene wakes us up

The southeastern Gulf Coast is getting a lucky break at the expense of our Atlantic seaboard neighbors as Hurricane Irene appears to be taking an easternly turn. More...

Political Cartoon

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Inside the Statehouse

Shelby from the ‘Old School’

Last week I chronicled the amazing transformation of the makeup of our congressional delegation over the last 50 years. In 1961 all eleven of our senators and congressmen were all white male Democrats. More...

Congress Reports

Following Congress on-line becoming easier

Twitter and YouTube, Congress has admittedly been a little slow to keep pace with the private sector in tapping into the ever-expanding virtual world. However, changes are underway on Capitol Hill. More...

Gone South

Consulting the Farmer’s Almanac

Summer’s back is broken.  That’s the way old folks in old times used to say it.  Mid-August.  Hot as nine kinds of hell.  Things start going to seed.  More...

Looking for solutions for Social Security

During the discussion of the debt limit issues facing the United States, entitlement reforms have been suggested by the right and reviled by the left. More...

Cable TV, AC, Xbox

Do these define poverty today?

For two decades, the Census Bureau has reported almost yearly that more than 35 million Americans live in “poverty.” Last year, census officials grabbed headlines by saying 43.5 million persons were poor. More...