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War on lemonade

There’s no more poignant symbol of American childhood than the lemonade stand, evocative of long, lazy summer days and piein the-sky entrepreneurial dreams.  More...

Inside the Statehouse

Economy the issue in 2012

As we approach Labor Day many of you will look forward to cookouts and the last hurrah of summer activities and celebrations. Historically Labor Day has marked the beginning of campaign season. More...

Congress Reports

Ken Feinberg continues to raise bar for oil spill claims

A year after he took command of BP’s oil spill claims system, Ken Feinberg has paid out just one quarter of the oil company’s $20 billion claims fund while many South Alabama businesses hit hard due to the 2010 spill continue to fight for More...

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Training a workforce   Unemployment is over 10 percent statewide. More...

Gone South

Separation anxiety up close

Occasionally, folks find fault with what I write.  That’s OK. Comes with the territory. More...

Editor’s Notes

Grove Hill foreign born shoemaker lauded as a good Confederate soldier

The sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, of the Civil War is being observed beginning this year. We are reviewing the pages of The Clarke County Democrat (renamed The Clarke County Journal during the war) for a local view of the historical event. More...