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Newspapers are No. 1 this week, rest of year too

Newspapers are the number one source of local news. That’s the theme of National Newspaper Week, October 2- 8.Well, duh. Of course they are.  More...

Inside the Statehouse

Ideological overreaction

As the last minutes ticked away on the 2011 Legislative Session last June the last major bills were getting final approval. In the waning hours the legislature finalized the state’s education and general fund budgets. More...

Congress Reports

Regulations smother growth

The Obama administration has made no secret of its efforts to affect change in America. More...

Our Opinions

Laws need to be reviewed periodically

It has been observed that the fewer laws Congress and/or the Alabama Legislature passes in a session the better off we are. It is probably a valid observation. More...

Gone South

Hide the catalogs from the kids

This is the catalog season.  The days get shorter, the nights cooler, the leaves turn, the catalogs arrive.  They seem to increase with each year, a testament to marketing efficiency and the ability of companies to identify customers and r More...

Editor’s Notes

Grove Hill ladies presented Dickinson Guards with huge banner in October 1861

The sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, of the Civil War is being observed beginning this year. We are reviewing the pages of The Clarke County Democrat (renamed The Clarke County Journal during the war) for a local view of the historical event. More...

Dollars & Cents

Will community banks survive?

For the past two decades, banking experts have been asking if community banks can survive in the future. They are the independent, locallyowned institutions whose deposits and loans are concentrated in the areas where they are located.  More...