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Take a vow for children: ‘ I will not keep silent’

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,  Once again, child sexual abuse allegations have people everywhere shaking their heads in disbelief. More...

Casting an irrelevant vote

Inside the Statehouse

The Electoral College process of selecting a president rather than electing our nation’s chief executive diminishes Alabama’s importance in next November’s general election. More...

‘The Rumbling Spring in Alabama’

Massive Clarke County spring, described in 1849 New York newspaper, reportedly had enough force to toss a ‘stout boy’

You can find a lot of things on eBay, the Internet buying sites. More...

The need for economic literacy

Dollars & Cents

Wayne Curtis   All of us play multiple roles— consumers, producers, workers, and investorsin our economy. This underscores the need to be economically literate to understand the world in which we live and to make better decisions.  More...

State’s black eye

Our Opinions

Maybe Jefferson County couldn’t avoid bankruptcy. More...

Significant because it ain’t

Gone South

Last week I got an e-mail from Greg Sullivan, sports writer with the Nashville Tennessean. More...


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Balanced budget amendment: An idea whose time has come

Congress Reports

It has been talked about since the very beginning of our republic and even came within one vote of being adopted by Congress just over 15 years ago. More...