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Chinese plant headed to Sunny South

Our Opinions

The Chinese copper tubing plant had seemed to be in jeopardy at one time but now it is fairly certain that it will be locating in the community of Sunny South in Wilcox County instead of in Thomasville. More...

Yessir, we’ve got manners

Gone South

A few weeks ago, my friend Jane sent me a Nov. 2 article from The New York Times. The headline read, “A Last Bastion of Civility, the South, Sees Manners Decline.” In certain circles, it created quite a stir. More...

Make resolutions to get your finances in order in 2012

Dollars & Cents

Another year is almost here. This is when most of us make our annual resolutions. For 2012, let us all resolve to get our financial houses in order. More...

Grove Hill’s alcohol revenues not worth problems it can cause

Dear Editor, You publish a fine county paper to which I have subscribed with appreciation for many years. I am with you on many issues but your promotion of drinking alcoholic beverages is a glaring exception. More...


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Susie the beagle gets new collar

From the Nethermost

Beagles are hunting dogs. It is in their genes to put their noses to the ground and run, following whatever wild scent they find. I agree that as puppies, they are cute. They were cute, I should say. How could my neighbor resist adopting one? More...

The political year reviewed

Inside the Statehouse

As the world turns in Alabama politics another year is fast coming to a close. More...