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Alcohol a big ‘non issue’

Both sides in the Grove Hill alcohol debate are disappointed.  The wet proponents are disappointed because alcohol sales sparked only one new business in town and the tax income for the first full fiscal year is only a modest $51,000.  More...

Political Cartoon

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Gone South

An Alabamian in New Zealand

Hide the children. More...

Congress Reports

Is President’s recess appointment legit?

Last Wednesday, the Obama administration set off a firestorm with its “recess appointment” of the head of a controversial new government financial regulation bureau as well as three new members to the National Labor Relations Board. More...

Progress on Main Street

Work has finally started on the Main Street revitalization project in Grove Hill. The project has been six years in the making and ballooned into an elaborate and expensive $600,000 project before being scaled back to the $250,000 budget.  More...


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Inside the Statehouse

State divided north and south

Ever since Alabama’s creation as a state in 1819 there has existed a political rivalry between North and South Alabama. This tug of war has mostly been played out in the legislative arena. More...