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In Memory

Happy Mother’s Day With Love and Gratitude to My Beloved Mother Mrs. Eunice Rodgers 01/12/27 - 03/10/11

My Dearest Mama They say there is a reason and that time will heal, but neither time nor reason has changed the way I feel at losing you. This has been such a challenging year without your physical presence. All I have are memories which are a keepsake, with which I’ll never part. You always let me know I had a Mama – who cared about me, who believed in me, who was there for me. Growing up with that kind of love and support made such a difference in my life — it made me who I am today. I am so blessed for the special bond we shared. It’s so good to know that wherever life takes me, I’ll never be far away from you because I carry you with me always in a special corner of my heart.

My Mother Kept A Garden

My Mother kept a garden.
A garden of the heart,
She planted all the good
That gave my life it’s start.

She turned me to the sunshine, And encouraged me to
Fostering and nurturing
The seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and
rains came,
She protected me enough;
But not too much, she knew
I’d need

To stand up strong and

Her constant good example,
Always taught me right from
Markers for my pathway
To last my whole life long.

I am my Mother’s garden,
I am her legacy.
And I hope today she feels
the love,
Reflected back from me.
With Much Love On
Mother’s Day,
Elsie, Richard & Children

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