2012-05-31 / Front Page

Gov. Bentley in Jackson Thursday to announce bridge funding

 Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday will announce more than 100 road and bridge projects that will improve infrastructure in communities across Alabama, including one in Jackson.


Gov. Bentley will hold a news conference at Gate 9 at the Boise paper mill on County Road 15 at 10:30 to announce funding for two nearby bridges, one over Bassetts Creek and a relief bridge. The narrow bridges are on a main artery that serves southern Clarke County and the route is also heavily used by timber trucks ferrying wood to Boise and the nearby Scotch-Gulf sawmill.


The county commission has been working on preliminary engineering for the projects for some time.


The projects will receive funding through ATRIP – the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program.  Governor Bentley will be detailing the ATRIP program and the long-term goals of his ATRIP initiative.


A second news conference will take place at 2:30 p.m. in Birmingham.  The news conference will detail a major project for the community and will be held at the Haynes Auditorium of Princeton Baptist Medical Center.



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