2012-07-05 / Obituaries


By Etta Ree Lynum
June 2, 2012
A Tribute For My Son
Robert Lynum Jr.

I graduate with the cross before me.
I am reaching at my success.
I am praying on the way
That Jesus helps me to
Establish my goal

I am graduated on the
Narrow road that leads to life,
But sometimes the enemies
Get in the way.
But long as I travel
This road with the cross before me,
I must always pray
To keep the devil out of my

My obedience to Jesus, so
He can control my life.
Is to stay in the Word of God.

I read my Bible so I can
Understand the success or
Jesus’ ways
I go to church assembled
Myself as I graduate.
With the cross before me.

I come to church on time
I got on a position by heaven
Because I know God
Will lead me right,
In every way.
I pay my tithe and offerings
I am a born again person
Who caring my degree
And have a diploma
With the life or Jesus
And graduate carried
The cross

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