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Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Gone South

Odds, ends and peculiarities

Column writers collect all sorts of stuff in hopes that some of it will jell into a whole that can be written up in around 800 words for the entertainment and, dare I say it, edification of whoever might read it.  More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Good night and good luck, Mr. Gorsky

After you’ve been around newspapers a few years, you soon develop a sense for which stories are real and which belong in the category of urban myth.  More...

Can’t put a lot of stock in polls

Dear Editor,  If I were an Obama supporter I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high because he seems to be leading most of the polls.  Remember when Thomas E. More...

Political Cartoon

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Greasepit Grammar

A tenant can have tenets but not the other way around

Dub Young of Monroeville, Ala., read in the Swampscum Daily Ooze about a bakery founder for whom “historic preservation is a cause that’s close to her heart.”  “Her belief in its tenants also could be one of the reasons f More...

Who won the first presidential debate? The American people

Who won? Who lost. Who made a good showing? Who didn’t?  We aren’t talking about an Alabama or Auburn football game, we’re talking about the presidential debates. More...

Editorial cartoons, and columns should make you think

We try to run a disclaimer on this page that notes that the columns and cartoons and other material represent the views and opinions of the writer or creator and might not (but might too) represent the views of the newspaper and its publisher.  More...

Inside the Statehouse

How big of a shellacking this year?

The November 6th Presidential Election is less than four weeks away. It will not be very close or interesting here in the Heart of Dixie. More...

Dollars & Cents

Examining the Federal Reserve’s recent monetary action

The Federal Reserve (Fed) took aggressive action on September 13. More...

Books & Whatever: He Says, She Says

Good stories transcend cultural boundaries

He says that literature can give insight into alternate cultures. In fiction, the author can put characters into situations that emphasize the differences in various human societies. Sometimes, in non-fiction, the differences are startling. More...

Scratch Ankle Muse

Is it hog-killing weather yet?

The cooler mornings that we have been having lately are really pleasant. I would have to say that fall is my favorite season. The leaves are all sorts of colors and the evenings get longer. More...