2012-10-25 / Obituaries

Card Of Thanks

We would like to thank all the people who thought enough about us when we lost our home to a fire in June.

For all the special volunteers who risked themselves that evening, thank you for trying so hard to save our home. God bless you. Not a day goes by that I don’t relive it in my mind.

For all the people who were so generous to us, I am truly sorry for not getting this out sooner. But, we have moved several times in the last few months. My list of everyone was packed away. I knew many, but I didn’t want to forget anyone. I know “thank you” seems like such a small thing to say. I wish there were better words to express my gratitude. The generosity is greatly appreciated for all that you’ve all done for us.

Thank you to the following:

 Grove Hill, Helwestern and
Antioch Fire Departments
 Larry and Vern Newsome
 Hope and Derry Steadman
and boys
 Lee Dunn
 Kellie and Charles Boykin
and family
 Terrie Harrell
 Claude and Joyce Agee
 Laurie and Kenny Pritchett
 Lyn and Phillip Allday
 The License Commissioner
Office girls
 Tompkins Baptist Church
 Magnolia Assembly of God
 Carmen Davis
 San San Powell and
Molly Agee
 Kate Jordan
 Jimmy and Jean Butts
 Kathy and Dean Mosely
 Barry Hoven
 Cindy and Kayla Powell
 Sharon Reynolds
 Jamie Gilchrist
 Micheal and Anna Henson
 Terry Norris
 Terri Slayton
 Kristen Bradford
 Tassa Reeves

From the bottom of our
hearts, thank you for your
caring and support
Clyde, Jan and
Gabby Chavous

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