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Political Cartoon

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Inside the Statehouse

Alabama’s finances in sad shape

As the end of the year approaches the story of the year has to be the state of the economy. More...

Greasepit Grammar

Systemic, systematic and Benghazi

“News accounts of the special report on the Benghazi attack have me puzzled,” said Karl Hein of Yonkers, N.Y., as he dropped by Wade’s Dixieco on his way to St. Petersburg, Fla. More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Don’t laugh; it could happen

It is time for my annual preview of things to come in the next year. These predictions have, in the past, proved to be 99.1 percent baloney or, as Joe Biden would put it, malarkey. Here’s what to look for in 2013:  More...

Gone South

Raisins on the stem revisited

It is not often that people remember a column I have written longer than the next week when another column appears. When someone in the grocery store says “I loved your column” I never ask which one. More...