2013-02-20 / Front Page

Landmark comes down

The old Judge T.J. Bedsole house was torn down Tuesday to make way for a new Family Dollar store. Massey Bedsole, who went on to Mobile to practice law for years, grew up there. After the Bedsoles, a Dr. Kimbrough lived there before Probate Judge Coma Garrett moved in. Curtis and Stella McCorquodale lived there and Curtis remodeled the place. After that Eddie Foster lived in the house. It has been vacant for sometime and was owned by George Jones of Jackson. Pine City Construction brought in two trackhoes and made quick work of taking down the pecan trees in the yard and demolishing the house. Many locals have posted on Facebook that they are upset with the move but the house was said to be in bad shape. Restoring it would have been a huge undertaking. 

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