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Congress takes a vacation

A couple of months ago all the news was about the “fiscal cliff” and the country going over the edge because of the failure of the U.S. Congress to deal with spending issues.  More...

Editor’s Notes

Thugs, light bills and the Pope

Several news events have caught my attention lately and I need to comment on a few of them:  More...

Gone South

Books on my shelf

I once collected books.  Accumulated is a better word.  More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Hunting a dog and dodging buzzards

I was out in my back yard searching for a lost dog when I heard my friends shouting, “Look out overhead.”  I looked up to see a large bird in a steep dive headed straight for my head.  I tried to dodge, but the big bird’s More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Inside the Statehouse

White Democrats endangered

It is amazing how fast a year flies by, especially the older you get. This week marks the end of the first one-fifth of 2013. There are a potpourri of political happenings that have occurred recently, which we will discuss today.  More...

Dollars & Cents

Any hope for the Postal Service?

Postal Service is adrift in turbulent financial seas. Last year, it incurred a record deficit of $16 billion and is currently losing $25 million per day. More...

Through The Past

Where was Mott’s Post Office?

This is a continuing look at Clarke County’s history as we celebrate its 200th birthday.   More...

Greasepit Grammar

Unknown Soldier didn’t shoot photo

The Internet is fertile grounds for grammar Nazis to ply their trade, as illustrated in this passage from an online news source:  “Lindsey Stone, from Plymouth, Mass., was placed on unpaid leave from her job at a nonprofit organization aft More...