2013-02-27 / Obituaries

Thank You

We would like to convey our love, thanks and appreciation to all our loved ones, friends and family who came to our aide on Feb. 13, 2013, the day we lost our home. The outpouring of concern and love was unbelievable. It was, and still is, truly remarkable how our friends came to help, not only after our loss but while it was occurring. We would like to thank the Fulton Fire Department for all their help and concern. They even stayed to help recover what could be saved. Our thanks to Morris Allday and all of the firefighters and Grove Hill Fire Department and their men. It is so refreshing to know that in this world of apathy that we live in, that it is not in Clarke County, Alabama. May God bless each and everyone who came to our aide and may He repay you 10 fold.

Chuck, Dena, J. B.,

Zac LeNoir and Ralph


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