2013-05-01 / Front Page

LP fire contained; no major damage

 The fire at LP's Clarke County OSB mill has been contained. Firefighters left the scene Saturday afternoon.

Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day, who who is also a fireman, posted on Facebook: "The fire was contained in a Strand(wood chips used to make the OSB) Storage area As a precaution and according to our County Emergency Response Plan, Fulton Fire Department and Grove Hill Fire Department were dispatched at the same time as Thomasville received the call. As a precaution, AmStar Ambulance and AirVac Medivac Helicopter were dispatched until we knew the severity of the fire. Fortunately, all departments primary focus was assisting with cooling the chips and working spot fires in the large piles of chips as they were removed from the containment areas. Thanks to everyone who assisted during this incident....there was very minor damage to the facility and everyone went home safe!"

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