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Political Cartoon

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Cornbread & Buttermilk

A designated shooter

South Carolina’s state Senate, having no more pressing matters on its hands, has approved a bill permitting guns in bars. More...

From Our Files

50 years ago...May 2, 1963   Elvin Cleman Campbell’s aunt signed a warrant for her nephew’s arrest, charging him with threatening her with bodily harm.  When Sheriff Hybard Paul and Deputy Tarleton arrived they found him wearing More...

Greasepit Grammar

Off-the-field errors in athletics

The language of athletes, sportscasters and sports journalists is riddled with offfield errors. Notice that Bubba writes “is riddled,” not “are riddled,” even though the reference is to three different classes of people. More...

Gone South

One last roll at Toomer’s

It was chilly, like a fall morning, except the leaves were coming out green, not turning red, and the air was moist instead of autumn dry and crisp.  Still, it was closer to football weather than you usually get in April, so it seemed right and More...

Inside the Statehouse

Session mercifully winding down

As the world turns in Alabama politics, the 2013 Legislative Session is in the stretch run. The waning days will see the final passage of the 2014 budgets, which will begin in October.  More...

Then and Now

We are all healthier because of advances in medicine

Medicines such as Rosebud salve, Mustang Liniment, castor oil, alum, quinine, laudanum, paregoric, asphidity, Vick’s Salve, camphor, and kerosene could be found in the early days in most households. More...