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Political Cartoon

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Gone South

Daddy was a poet

He’s a poet And he knows it His feet show it They’re long fellows Harvey H, Jackson Jr.   Daddy loved poetry.  Even wrote some.  Like that.  More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

No film or flash bulbs to load

It was bound to happen, I suppose. More...

Church Street resident says it is a race track posted at 30 mph

Dear Editor,  In response to Assistant Police Chief Daniel Gibson’s statement that he wasn’t sure about the allegations concerning Church Street problems.  I would like to fill him in. More...

Editor’s Notes

Here and there, taxes and more

Here and there on a variety of subjects this week. More...

Inside the Statehouse

Doing it the Sherman way

The 2013 Legislative Session is now history. The super Republican majority has continued their conservative march to the sea leaving dissident Democrats in carnage the way Sherman left Atlanta.  More...

Greasepit Grammar

He carried a cane but what did he wear?

Suzanne Barnhill, chief copy editor for the Redneck Academy of Linguistics, turned fashion critic recently upon reading this sentence in the Swampscum Daily Ooze describing Will Campbell, the late preacher, lecturer and activist:  More...