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Political Cartoon

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Gone South

Mama takes a fall

It was the call I had been dreading for some time now.  Sunday morning, July 7, the phone rang. It was my friend Jim in Grove Hill.  Mama had fallen.  More...

From Our Files—100 Years Ago

“As soon as the road machines now being used at Salitpa can be secured, work will be commenced on the Grove Hill- Whatley road...the present road bed will be followed as far as practicable and the road graded and drained much on the plan of the More...

Editor’s Notes

Royal baby bumps trial fuss

The 24-hour news monster goes from one extreme to another, gobbling up and spewing out whatever happens to be the most current event.  We’ve gone from marathon coverage of the bombing of the Boston Marathon to the excesses of second guessi More...

Inside the Statehouse

Gov. Bentley likely shoo-in

Whether you realize it or not the 2014 Election is upon us. The call to arms began in June. That is when campaign fundraising could officially begin.  More...

Greasepit Grammar

Embarrassing syntax

If you’re inclined to think Bubba makes too big a deal over misplaced modifiers, consider this example, from an Internet website, submitted by Suzanne Barnhill, chief copy editor for the Redneck Academy of Linguistics:  “After being More...