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Congress Reports

Congressman Bonner’s farewell

This is the last column I will write as your congressman. More...

Medievals warned about raw vegetables

 Modern dietary trends notwithstanding, raw vegetables have not always enjoyed the healthsome reputation they now have. In medieval times, in fact, veggies would always be cooked; raw ones were considered to be bad for the humors.  More...

Greasepit Grammar

How old are descendants?

“The Aborigines may be the most venerable people on earth,” wrote Norm Schriever in his book, “Pushups in the Prayer Room.” He continued: “There’s evidence that descendants of the Aborigines date back 125,000 years More...

Inside the Statehouse

A few qualified officeholders

Last week we predicted that all three of our top constitutional officeholders will win reelection to a second four-year term in next year’s election. The election will be in June next year. More...

Gone South

In praise of public schools

Here it is August and still there are parents wondering where their darlings will go to school this year. More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Make computers bigger than a pen!

For several weeks now, I’ve found among my Internet messages a warning that the desktop PC is about to become obsolete.  More...