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Political Cartoon

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Let’s hear it for the ‘R’ months

Gone South

“O Oysters, come and walk with us!” the walrus did beseech. A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, along the briny beach.”  Lewis Carroll, Through the More...

Inside the Statehouse

Our country changed forever 9/11

This week marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attack on America. Their mission was well planned and executed. More...

Medicaid funds would help poor, spark growth too

Alabama has an opportunity to receive $1.5 billion in federal Medicaid funds a year for the next three years. That’s $4.5 billion total. More...


Chronicling the Civil War of 150 years ago from the pages of The Democrat* of the 1860s.

*Renamed The Journal during the Civil War. Cannon illustration from the newspaper’s 1860s pages.  Chickamauga battle deadly for area soldiers   Shiloh was bad. Seven Pines was worse. Gettysburg topped that. More...

Books & Whatever: He Says, She Says

Heroes, white hats and sunsets

The hero wears a white hat, carries a shiny six shooter on his hip, walks with jangling spurs, and ultimately vanquishes the villain dressed in black. More...