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Gone South

‘You gotta have leaves’

Where I grew up, down in South Alabama, we didn’t pay much attention to leaves changing color in the fall. Most of our trees didn’t change. Pines and live oaks stayed green. Sweet gum and cypress and poplar turned quickly and fell fast. More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Hey you: Get out of my mind!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty antsy over the progress being made in mind-tomind communication. Scientists have found ways for one person to get into another person’s head and control what he does. More...

Editor’s Notes

‘Daddy, tell me again how the U.S.A. collapsed?’

The family sat huddled in their darkened house. A kerosene heater provided a bit of warmth and dim light. The doors were bolted and the father, John, had a rifle by his side.  It was dark outside. More...

Inside the Statehouse

Recalling Cuban crisis of 1962

Fall is my favorite time of year and October is my favorite month. The pristine air, glorious foliage and football season are enthralling. Every October I think of a traumatic experience for our nation. More...

Greasepit Grammar

When you wax, be sure to use an adjective

The Redneck Academy of Linguistics convened around the greasepit at Wade’s Dixieco to discuss the proper use of “wax.”  More...