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Inside the Statehouse

Making way for photo IDs at polls

During the summer the U.S. Supreme Court rendered two significant rulings. They were quite different philosophically. More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Slipping through the wormhole

Each night before I retire, I place my walking cane in a place where I can retrieve it easily. I place my hearing aid in its battery recharger. I place my partials in an overnight receptacle, and my eyeglasses on the bedside table. More...

Greasepit Grammar

It’s cemetery, not cemetary; or just call it a graveyard!

“It’s eerie in the cemetery,” said Ed Williams, retired journalism professor at Auburn University, after visiting a Halloween display. The display featured a sign amid an array of Halloween symbols: “Cemetary.” More...

Political Cartoon

Full Story

Gone South

A Tea Party at the beach

The other day I watched grown women dressed in evening gowns go for a sunset swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Let me explain, if I can. More...

Through The Past

Water: Essential stuff

Water. There was a time when man was thirsty, he could not reach for a coke. The spring of cool, running water under the hill was the answer. Creeks and rivers, nature’s water provision, chose for man the place where he would live. More...

Books & Whatever: He Says, She Says

Sequels and a sense of place

He says that there is a pleasure in reading a trilogy in which the place becomes familiar and the characters become friends. More...