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Editor’s Notes

First District race becomes a slugfest

The special election for the First Congressional District was ho-hum but the runoff, set for Nov. 5, is shaping up to be a humdinger. Tuesday, the CBS Evening News carried a report on the race that pits Bradley Byrne and Danny Young.  More...

Inside the Statehouse

Making way for photo IDs at polls

During the summer the U.S. Supreme Court rendered two significant rulings. They were quite different philosophically.  More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Slipping through the wormhole

Each night before I retire, I place my walking cane in a place where I can retrieve it easily. I place my hearing aid in its battery recharger. I place my partials in an overnight receptacle, and my eyeglasses on the bedside table. More...

Greasepit Grammar

It’s cemetery, not cemetary; or just call it a graveyard!

“It’s eerie in the cemetery,” said Ed Williams, retired journalism professor at Auburn University, after visiting a Halloween display. The display featured a sign amid an array of Halloween symbols: “Cemetary.” More...

Political Cartoon

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Gone South

A Tea Party at the beach

The other day I watched grown women dressed in evening gowns go for a sunset swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  Let me explain, if I can.  More...

Through The Past

Water: Essential stuff

Water. There was a time when man was thirsty, he could not reach for a coke. The spring of cool, running water under the hill was the answer. Creeks and rivers, nature’s water provision, chose for man the place where he would live.  More...

Books & Whatever: He Says, She Says

Sequels and a sense of place

He says that there is a pleasure in reading a trilogy in which the place becomes familiar and the characters become friends.  More...