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Gone South

Beware of Valentine’s Day

Many folks, middle-aged men mostly, do not look forward to Valentine’s Day.  Not just because they are expected to send the woman they love flowers and candy and such stuff - they can handle that - but because they fear that the object of More...

Dollars & Cents

Stopping future security breaches

Millions of people have been affected by the massive data breach that occurred at Target and other merchants. And if future security breaches are not prevented, the problem will get worse.  More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

Don’t call me a fourkind mutt descendant

This column will be tough to write, mainly because it concerns an expression Southern boys never use when their mamas are around.  More...

Editor’s Notes

Big election year but it could have been a lot bigger

This election year isn’t as big as it could have been locally.  Only one countywide office is being contested, that of sheriff.  Incumbent Sheriff Ray Norris faces Coffeeville Police Chief Mark Leon on the Republican ticket. More...

Inside the Statehouse

Big Jim’s advice

Usually gubernatorial years are marquee political events in Alabama politics. However, this year is shaping up as a mundane affair. Not only is Gov. Dr. More...

Six-year-old emperor forced out

 On Feb. 11, 1858, Marie-Bernarde Soubirous, a 14-year-old French peasant girl, claims to have seen the Virgin Mary. The apparitions occurred in a grotto of a rock promontory near Lourdes, France. More...