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Political Cartoon

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Inside the Statehouse

Little time in D.C. equals little power

Last week’s column expounded on the two different concepts that members of congress perceive their roles to be in Washington. Our two senators are classic but different examples. More...

Dollars & Cents

Astonishing forecast of the future

A half-century ago, a noted business journalist made some incredibly accurate predictions about the future. W.M. More...

70 Years Ago

Servicemen detailed

Condensed from the Feb. More...

Editor’s Notes

‘Red Dog’ Republicans

For years loyal Democrats proudly acknowledged they were “Yellow Dogs”—that is, they would vote for a yellow dog if he was a Democrat. Republicans poo-pooed them.  My, how times have changed. More...

Gone South

‘A good time had by all’

Didon’s big day  I have always enjoyed reading the newspaper society pages. For anyone wanting to know there is no better place to go to discover and follow what is trending among the socially connected in a community.  More...

Greasepit Grammar

Some ordnance may violate city ordinance

Kathy Eagan of Pittsburg, Pa., came by the greasepit at Wade’s Dixieco to fire off a complaint about military spelling.  More...