February 11, 2016 RSS feed / Editorial

Trump’s and Sanders’ popularity

Editor’s Notes

Iowa’s voted and now New Hampshire. The results in New Hampshire Tuesday were not unexpected — for Bernie Sanders to beat Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket and for Donald Trump to lead the Republicans. More...

A few statewide races on March 1

Inside the Statehouse

We are only a few weeks away from our March 1 primary. We have an early primary date this year due to the fact that we are in the SEC Presidential Primary. Therefore, we will have some say in who will be the GOP and Democratic nominees. More...

Political Cartoon

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A modest mascot proposal

Gone South

Last week’s column about renaming buildings and moving monuments got a few letters and some Facebook commentary - with the rumor swirling (as only Facebook rumors can swirl) that a friend and former colleague might just write a rebuttal. More...

Why do small businesses fail?

Dollars & Cents

They are a critical component of the economy, sometimes called the engines of growth. More...