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Municipalities may need help putting on municipal elections

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It may have always been this way but it seems like there were more problems with municipal elections this year than we remember from previous years. And we’re talking statewide, not just Clarke County. More...

TMI Election: Pity the poor voter

Gone South

As the campaign of 2016 plods merrily along, I find myself awash in a wave of sympathy for voters who are trying to make a rational decision about which candidate to support, and also for the historians who, decades hence, will sit down to write the More...

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What is the best age to begin Social Security?

Dollars & Cents

Are you approaching retirement age and struggling to determine when to start receiving Social Security benefits? Should you take Social Security early at age 62, wait until you reach full retirement age, or somewhere in between?  More...

Greatest Generation slipping away

Editor’s Notes

The funeral was brief but dignified, the remarks heartfelt but not lengthy or overly flowery. At the cemetery, the obligatory remarks were made and then the U.S. flag that covered the casket was properly folded. More...

Alabama primed to benefit from Cuba

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The Decatur Daily   When JetBlue Flight 387 touched down in Santa Clara, Cuba, on Wednesday, a new era began for relations between two nations still mired in half-century old politics.  More...

Sessions is tight with Trump

Inside the Statehouse

Throughout this year’s prodigious presidential selection process our junior senator, Jeff Sessions, has been at the forefront. He has become the darling of the extreme right throughout the country. More...


“I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time.”   More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Talking education with David Mathews

Education Matters

The old car headed south out of Montgomery on a familiar route down I-65. Thirty minutes to Ft. Deposit, 45 minutes to Greenville, 60 minutes to Georgiana, 75 minutes to Evergreen. Then right on U.S. More...