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Race doesn’t seem to Grove Hill election issue but a lack of interest is

Our Opinions

There is historical significance in Grove Hill’s runoff election for mayor slated Oct. 4.  More...

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One top ranking not to be proud of: We’re FAT

Other Opinions

It’s football season, when Alabamians focus to the point of obsession on where their teams stand in the media and BCS polls.  We wish they would pay more attention to another, much more significant ranking that carries life-and-death impli More...

Automobile loans continue to increase

Dollars & Cents

As the economy struggles, automobile debt continues to climb. Americans are borrowing more than ever for new and used vehicles. At the same time, 30- and 60-day delinquency rates are rising slightly. More...

Rain recorders are needed

Climate Report

First, let me quash the suggestion that CoCoRAHS rain gauges attract rain, although it might have seemed that way in August.  More...

Pictures from the Past

A longtime retail store in Grove Hill was the W. Z. Rodgers’ store, shown at lower right. It dated to the early 1900s. The 1911 courthouse annex is shown behind it with horses and wagons on a muddy Court Street in the foreground. More...

Denying people’s right to vote

Inside the Statehouse

Folks, I have been observing and participating in the legislative process for over 50 years.  More...

‘Will I marry me?’

Gone South

“I think you can have a field day with this one,” my Kentucky friend wrote when he sent me the link to an article that called attention to “The Rise of Marriage for One.” An increasingly popular practice in which a woman marri More...

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Why this Democrat wants a strong GOP Party

Center on Representative Government

I’ve been a Democrat all my life. But that doesn’t mean I favor a weak Republican Party. Indeed, just the opposite. Before my Democratic friends drum me out of the party, let me explain why.  More...

Legislature fails to let the people vote

House Minority Leader

After nearly two decades of waiting, it seemed like the people of Alabama were finally going to get the chance to vote on a lottery. More...