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Hillary Clinton not the lesser of two evils but the qualified candidate

Editor’s Notes

I am voting for Hillary Clinton for president on Nov. 8. There. I’ve said it. More...

Politics as it used to be

Gone South

“Politics in Alabama was a dirty business, if it was done right.” Fuller Kimbrell, Jim Folsom’s finance director, reflecting on Alabama politics in the 1950s Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a little “reflecting& More...

Political Cartoon

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Remembering my mother on her 100th birthday

Through the Past

She was our mother gentle in nature, calm in her demeanor and small in stature. More...

Media freaking out over Donald Trump

National Review

We are in the midst of an epic media freak-out. It is a subset of a larger liberal panic over Donald Trump’s strength in the general election. More...

Alabama liberal on highest court

Inside the Statehouse

Our junior U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions has risen to national prominence in this pivotal presidential year. His arch conservative senate voting record and impeccable pedigree as one of the most rock solid Republicans in the U.S. More...

Political Cartoon

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Overcoming the stress of saving for retirement

Dollars & Cents

Are you stressed out about saving for retirement? If so, you are not alone. More...

USDA allocates $40 million for low interest loans in Southwest Alabama

Congress Reports

If you turn on the national news, it is easy to grow discouraged. From ongoing terrorism issues to the sluggish economy, our nation continues to face a wide range of serious challenges. More...

Pictures from the Past

Here’s a photo of the old Whatley Depot before it was moved a few miles away to a private park. The depot came when the railroad was built in 1887. The town was named for Franklin Benjamin Whatley, 1826-1896. More...