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How many chariots did King Solomon possess?

1. Is the book of Jonah in the Old or New Testament or neither?  2. From Luke 3, whose voice was of one crying in the wilderness? Joseph, John the Baptist, Andrew, Paul  3. More...

Strange BUT TRUE

Here’s the reason for stinky feet!

* At the outbreak of World War I, American financier August Belmont Jr. volunteered for the U.S. Army — at the age of 64. He served in France as a major in the Army Air Service. More...


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Turn leftover turkey into tasty enchilada dish

Thanksgiving is gone, but the memories linger on — in the form of leftovers. After having all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings, I always crave spicy foods. More...

Why do bad things happen?

Seeds from the Sower

If God is good, why do the godly have grief? If God is fair, why do the faithful fail? If God cares, why does He allow Christians to have cancer? If God is powerful, why are innocent people murdered?  And why are the ungodly prosperous? More...

Laugh a Little

Down in Mobile the other day I sat down on a bench in Beneville Square next to a homeless man. We started up a conversation and I asked him how he got in the shape he was in.  More...


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