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Is a $3 million windowless silo the way we really want to survive Armageddon?

Editor’s Notes

Doomsday gloom and doom sells and is apparently a big business. More...

Senior citizens should be aware of scams

Dollars & Cents

Senior citizens are often targeted for various scams. They are perceived as vulnerable to such activities. If you are in this category, you should be aware of several scams currently making the rounds. More...

Political Cartoon

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Propping up with one-time monies

Inside the Statehouse

We have unbelievable natural resources in Alabama starting with the Tennessee Valley and transcending to the beautiful white sands at Gulf Shores. Many of our natural resources have been exploited over the years. More...

Drinking to Alabama’s 200th

Gone South

In case you haven’t noticed, Alabama is in the midst of its Bicentennial Celebration. And how better to mark this historic event than brewing special Bicentennial Beers. Yessir. The Alabama Brewers More...