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A Democrat for governor in 2018?

Inside the Statehouse

Last week we handicapped some of the potential horses in the upcoming 2018 Governor’s Race. More...

Cousin Benny and the snake

Gone South

In times like these, when the people of our great land are as badly divided as I can recall, we need examples of unity and humanity and just getting along together, so I’m gonna give you one. More...

Reducing the high cost of drugs

Dollars & Cents

Financial institutions, telecommunications, radio and television, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and oil companies are a diverse lot. But they have one thing in common. All have experienced a rash of mergers. More...

Political Cartoon

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Support urged for legislative bill to provide shelter for outdoor dogs

Dear Editor,  Many thanks to State Rep. Jim Patterson for sponsoring HB 201 that defines shelter to be provided for outdoor dogs. The Pet Protection Act was passed in 2000 that required a shelter for our dogs. More...