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Strike three for GOP

Editor’s Notes

I get accused of being a Democrat and I suppose I do vote for Democratic candidates more than I vote for Republican candidates. Democrats seem to be more for things to help the little guy. More...

There’ no fool like an old fool

Inside the Statehouse

Editor’s note: This column was written late last week, before Gov. Bentley’s resignation on Monday.   Well our good ole Dr. Governor, Robert Bentley, is headed to the same fate as Guy Hunt and Don Siegelman. More...

On senility, being offended and other stuff

Editor Cox,  I sympathize with your efforts to educate Commissioner Jackie Ray Rush on the difference between an editorial and an article. After teaching for over 50 years I know how difficult is the task you took on.  More...

Political Cartoon

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Being Southern by the signs

Gone South

Remember when they busted Miss Cleo, the Jamaican psychic whose “hotline” offered free “supernatural insight into love and money.”  Under pressure from the Federal Trade Commission the two companies that ran her operation More...

Nation’s financial literacy needs work

Dollars & Cents

It’s that time of year again. April is when we observe National Financial Literacy month, an effort to highlight the importance of financial literacy. More...