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Do us proud, Gov. Ivey

Our Opinion

Kay Ivey may have come to become Alabama’s 54th governor by an unusual turn of events but she’s there now and we have confidence that this lady from Wilcox County can do the job. Gov. More...

Alabama needs a recall law

Looking back on the last few days of Governor Bentley’s s now-infamous administration, I can’t help but think, “It never should have gotten this far.” More...

Celebrating community banks

Dollars & Cents

In addition to being Financial Literacy Month, April is also Community Banking Month. This is the time designated to salute the nation’s 6,000 community banks. More...

Political Cartoon

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Some thoughts on girls gone wild

Gone South

Summer is upon us. And down on the coast some folks are asking, will girls go wild this year? More...

Alabama tops Louisiana

Inside the Statehouse

We in the Deep South have a unique history of political theatrics. The only northern states that rival our colorfulness are New Jersey and Illinois. In those two states you are expected to be corrupt, especially Chicago.  More...