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Strange BUT TRUE

Brad’s Drink going strong 119 years later

* Pepsi-Cola was introduced originally in 1898 with the far less appetizing name “Brad’s Drink.”  * Those who study such things say that when a woman’s husband dies, the length of her remaining life does not seem to be af More...


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Homemade mayo adds zip to sandwiches

Sandwiches today range from slices of beef, turkey or chicken on wholewheat bread to roasted vegetables stuffed in a pita. Dressings, spreads and sauces can add a delicious depth of flavor to a typical sandwich. More...


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Q: I am not really a collector, but I have two McCoy cookie jars that I’m curious about. Both originally belonged to my mom and are probably from the 1950s. One is a Jack-o’- Lantern jar that was rarely, if ever, used. More...