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Political Cartoon

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Churches adopt business practices

Dollars & Cents

Churches continue to face challenges. To compete for membership, many have adopted practices during the past 25 years that cut across several business disciplines. And the pace has accelerated since the turn of the century. More...

Bellyaching, or just anti-Trump?

Through the Past

Words have always been interesting to me. Bear with me on this one. If the word, “belly” is offensive to you, stop reading now. More...

Puttin’ and poutin’

Gone South

The legislature of the state of Alabama never ceases to amaze me. Especially when it comes to passing innovative laws to get around other laws. And of all the laws gotten around innovatively, liquor laws are the most innovatively gotten around. More...

Accentuating the positives

Inside the Statehouse

Most times political columns are critical or derogatory of politicians. However, today I would like to share some positive observations from the first few months of this year.  More...

Classmate Mabin was ‘ray of sunshine’ for class that would graduate in ’67

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,  As a member of the 1967 CCHS graduating class, I wish to thank all who worked so hard to provide the various events including the Old Timers’ Day, with our class featured in our 50th year since graduation.  More...