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This Trump stuff is getting serious

Editor’s Notes

It was going to fall apart sooner or later. The surprising thing is how fast it has fallen apart; in just a little over 100 days.  I’m talking, of course, about Donald Trump and his illsuited presidency.  More...

Questions about tax returns

Dollars & Cents

Several readers posed the following question: “Why haven’t you written something about the Trump tax reform proposal?” That’s certainly a valid question.  More...

April saw 11 small tornadoes in state; May marks 100th year of killer storms

Alabama Climate Report

With the exception of some hefty-sized hail associated with a storm system that went through in early April, it would seem the state got through the month largely unscathed.  Preliminary reports are that Alabama was hit by 11 small tornadoes in More...

Was that a turtle I heard?

Gone South

For, lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone; The Flowers appear on the earth; The Time of the singing of birds is come, And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land Song of Solomon, 2:11-12 More...

Governor’s race hinges on senate race

Inside the Statehouse

The race for our open U.S. Senate seat will be the marquee political event for the remainder of this year. It will be a great show. However, we have a sensational and pivotal 2018 governor’s race evolving simultaneously. More...

Political Cartoon

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